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geoffrey-hand.jpgWhat would you think of a profession – doctors, lawyers, accountants, therapists, beauticians whatever –  that had no requirement for Continuing Professional Development (CPD)? 

Even more, what would you think if that profession had absolutely no entry qualifications whatsoever ?

Not much of a profession, more likely to be a shambles?

Taking trusteeship seriously

Nowadays charity trustees are expected to act as professionals.

Whether you realise it or not,  by becoming a charity trustee you immediately and  personally become subject to the entire panoply of Charity law, taking on legal duties, legal responsibilities and potentially personal financial liability.

A critical role

As a trustee you assume the obligation of the six duties of a trustee, which are to:

  • ensure the charity is carrying out its charitable purpose
  • ensure compliance with its constitution and with charity law
  • act in the best interest of the charity
  • manage its resources responsibly
  • act with reasonable care and skill
  • ensure the charity is accountable

And people do all this with no training? And charities take on trustees with no knowledge or training about their role?

Keeping your skills fit for purpose

What about your charity? How well trained are you and your fellow trustees? What are your charity’s CPD policies?

The requirements are on-line and easily ascertainable. But you do need to get on and do it.

There’s plenty of training available out there for trustees, some good, some bad.

And I can help too – book a Trustee Pit Stop to start shifting your trustee knowledge and skills into top gear. 

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Geoffrey Hand

Geoffrey Hand is a charity governance consultant, offering governance consultancy and training. He also provides legal services management, helping charities get better value for money from their lawyers. Geoffrey has extensive experience in the charity and legal worlds, and his mission is to help charities deliver good governance.

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