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Have things at your charity got to the point where you’re keen to know how to remove a trustee? It doesn’t need to be as daunting as you may be thinking. The no brainers Your charity’s constitution or governing document should outline a process for removing a trustee who, for example: Doesn’t show up to […]

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Well done all of you who have taken Good Trustee / Bad Trustee – the Quiz so far! I must say you’re looking like rather a good bunch of trustees. And it’s tantalising, because more than one of you has scored 123/125, but so far, no-one’s hit a ‘perfect’ 125/125… Do you know this marvellous […]

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Being a trustee is tough!  Are you a trustee superstar, or is there a risk that you are a problem trustee? Your hard work, people skills, and level of commitment are likely to be significant factors in how well your charity thrives, and how vigorously it is able to pursue its mission. Are you a […]

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With charity governance so much in the news, yellow cards may soon not just be for footballers. On the football field, the yellow card is the sign of an Official Caution. In  upcoming changes to charity law, charity trustees may be at risk of finding themselves booked by the Charity Commission. New Powers It’s all […]

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New charity trustees may be about to enjoy a stimulating new involvement or find themselves walking into a minefield!  To make sure yours feels more like the former: 1) Avoid walking unawares into personal financial liability An important first step is to find out the legal structure of the charity.  Whilst there are currently over 165,000 […]

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What Lehman Brothers did to the public’s confidence in banks, Kids Company seems to have done for UK charities. A survey in October 2015 revealed public confidence in charities at its lowest point since 2007 – when the surveys started – with charities now less trusted than supermarkets. The failure of Lehman Brothers precipitated the […]