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Welcome to the Charity Governance Quiz.  This is a chance for charity trustees and managers to check out  their charity's governance procedures.

The quiz has 21 questions should take 5-10 mins.  You'll receive your charity's score at the end.

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1) Do the skills, qualifications and experience of your trustees match the needs of your charity?
2) How well do your trustees understand their legal responsibilities?
3) If things were to go wrong, what risk of personal liability could your trustees face?
4) To what extent do your trustees measure your charity’s impact and “the difference” it makes?
5) Is your charity able to demonstrate its good governance, backed up with evidence?
6) Is your charity a:
7) Do your trustees undergo any training or professional development?
8) Have you read your charity’s governing document within the last year?
9) When did the trustees last formally review your charity’s governing document?
10) Has your governing document kept pace with your charity’s growth and development?
11) How strictly does your charity observe the requirements of its governing document as to how it carries out its “charitable purposes”?
12) Which of these is closest to your understanding of “governance”?
13) How far would your trustees welcome an appraisal of their effectiveness?
14) Are you planning to retire soon as a trustee?  (Or, if you are not a trustee, is one of your trustees planning to retire soon?)
15) How confident do you feel in asking questions about your charity’s accounts?
16) I’m pretty sure I understand the meaning of:
17) How would you describe your charity’s reserves policy?
18) Are your charity’s actual reserves in line with its reserves policy?
19) Is your budget in line with your charity’s strategy for the future?
20) How well are your banking arrangements safeguarded against fraud?
21) How robust are your charity’s risk management practices?
22) That's it for the governance questions!  You'll see your charity's score in a moment.

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