Good Trustee / Bad Trustee – The Quiz!

Good trustee or bad trustee?

Some people make better trustees than others. Here's your chance to rate yourself in:

Good Trustee / Bad Trustee - The Quiz!

The quiz has 25 questions should take 5-10 mins.  You'll receive your score at the end.

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1) I take a real interest in the day-to-day workings of my charity, getting to know the people involved, taking part and identifying myself with what is going on
2) I am committed, warm-hearted and enthusiastic but I am not very good at getting things done
3) I absolutely never do nothing between one meeting and the next and at then have to scrabble though the minutes of the last meeting to check what I ought to have done
4) When I get papers for an upcoming trustee meeting, I always read them thoroughly before the meeting, making a note of question to ask or issues to raise
5) If I have an issue to raise which is not on the agenda, I always make sure the chair knows this in advance of the meeting
6) I always arrive at meetings in good time, generally with at least 5 minutes in hand
7) If I arrive early, I always take the opportunity of talking to new people rather than to those I already know well
8) If I know I am going to be absent or late, I always let people know in advance
9) At meetings, I always have the agenda to hand, my papers in order, my diary available - and my mobile phone switched off or on silent
10) During a meeting, I always concentrate and listen intently to what is being said
11) I respect and appreciate other people’s sincerely held views even if they differ widely from my own
12) If I disagree with a point under discussion I always make my argument clearly and rationally without becoming emotional, aggressive or disrespectful
13) I am always alert to possible conflicts of interest in which I may find myself, however likely to be inconsequential, and I go out of my way to declare them promptly and fully
14) I truly believe that people who appear tiresome, raise awkward points and seem to be swimming against the tide in meetings, make a real contribution to the quality of debate and decision-making
15) I frequently volunteer to take on tasks that come up in trustee meetings
16) When I volunteer to do something I am always as good as my word and honour the commitment
17) If something arises in a meeting which I do not understand - such as the accounts - I always say so and make a point of finding out about it before the next meeting
18) I make a point of keeping myself well informed about the work of my charity, the issues it faces, and developments that may affect its future activities
19) If I find I have taken on too much I always let colleagues know straight away so someone else can pick up the baton
20) I always remember that I am here to help my charity carry out its proper purposes and not to go down some other route that I think is better or best suits me or my friends
21) I always honour the confidentiality of trustee meetings, especially when I am in contact with the charity’s staff and its beneficiaries
22) I fully respect the concept of the collective responsibility of trustees and always give my unreserved support to implementing decisions with which I disagree
23) At the end of a long trustee meeting I frequently feel “thank goodness that’s over for another month”
24) I always leave a meeting with my own notes of things that matter rather than just relying on the minutes
25) When my time is up and I am due to retire as a trustee, I shall stand down without making a fuss
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